Welcome to Life Logistics
The Global Pharmaceutical Logistics Alliance

My name is Steven Alves, and I am deeply honored to lead Life Logistics Network which is composed of top-class pharmaceutical forwarders industry around the world. Our goal is to carefully select and unify them under one network, we aim to conquer greater magnitude of challenges, entering new horizons in the pharmaceutical logistics industry.

Life Logistics is where you can find companies who has credible reputation, with years of experience and a proven track record in handling Pharmaceutical customers. Our network provides the platform that enables qualified pharma forwarders to deliver specific needs that can be trusted only to companies with know-how in the business.

It has been a fresh start for all of us and we’re looking forward to seize the opportunities ahead! At Life Logistics, it will give you the power to compete in the ever-changing market conditions under a reliable network that will provide you better ways in improving compliance.

Come and meet like-minded forwarders and grow together towards reaching success in the pharmaceutical logistics industry globally!

Welcome to Life Logistics, the Global Pharmaceutical Logistics Alliance!


Best regards,

Steven Alves
Life Logistics

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